Training for professionals and anyone who works with people who are affected by domestic abuse

Fortalice offers a diverse range of training courses. Please see training calendar below for more information.

All training courses can be adapted to meet the needs of the group requesting the training. Delivery can be at the support centre or off site.

Education in Schools
Healthy relationship courses

Fortalice offers educational healthy Relationship Courses which are delivered in schools. All our courses are led by the Chief Executive who is a fully qualified teacher and  has over 28 years’ experience of working in education. The courses are all written to link to the SEALS and PHSE curriculum. The curriculum is delivered by a team of highly specialised staff who are able to teach in an innovative and interactive way which includes all pupils.

Course outline
All courses will be adapted to meet the needs of the pupils and the schools.

The course comprises of:

  • The course will then be fully developed to meet the needs of all individual pupils.
  • One Teacher training session to staff in the school, usually prior to the course starting.
  • Four one hour sessions to be delivered on healthy relationships to pupils.
  • The pupils are assessed during the course enabling the school to measure the pupil’s progress weekly.
  • An end of course report for the school on progress will be sent to the school.
  • A full evaluation of the course is undertaken
  • Some schools have a follow on session six months after delivery to check the pupil’s retention of the delivery.
  • Further support is available on an on-going basis should the need arise
Feedback from the schools delivery
St Joseph’s Primary School

“It made me learn about bullying” ” Thank you for coming and helping me understand healthy relationships more.” “Awesome lessons please come back!”
Pupil from year 5 - April 2012

“It made me learn about bullying” ” Thank you for coming and helping me understand healthy relationships more.” “Awesome lessons please come back!”
Head Teacher - April 2012

Leverhulme Primary School

“I really enjoyed it and the talks helped me understand more about healthy relationships.” “I found the project enjoyable and now if anything happens I know what to do.”
Pupil from year 6 - July 2013

“Excellent lessons – very child friendly good team building games. Awareness is a must! Excellent!” “Some great activities kept the children involved and active. Excellent delivery.”
Year 6 Teacher - July 2013

Lever Edge Lane Primary school

“Because I have learnt lots of things I didn’t know I would recommend this to any school it was brilliant.”
Pupil from Year 5 - January 2013

“Children have taken from the project what a healthy relationship is. They have learnt gender differences (in last week’s judge role play), the importance of caring for one another”. Overall the sessions have been very clearly presented, interactive and engaging. The children have looked forward to the sessions every week! Super thought provoking ice breakers!”
Year 6 Teacher - January 2013

St Peters Primary School

“I loved the sessions and I wished you could do more, I will hopefully never experience the things we have discussed. However it has made me learn a lot about where to get help etc.”
Pupil from Year 6 - March 2013

“The children have had the opportunity to discuss and explore many issues in a fun but informative way. The activities have appealed to the children as they are often practical including role play, discussions etc. Sensitive issues have been dealt with tactfully and children have had the chance to discuss things 1:1 with staff from the project to clarify meaning or issues. A really great project: friendly approachable staff that have made this interesting and informative. They are able to reflect on their own family lives. It reinforces choices we all have in life, helps clearly identify what is abusive behaviour and it is a crime. Fantastic course will be calling you next year.”
Year 6 Teacher - March 2013

St Osmond’s Primary School

“I like the healthy relationship project because I learnt that not every relationship is healthy.”
Pupil from Year 5 - March 2013

“Pupils have had the opportunity to explore human relationships in various contexts – i.e. between each other, between siblings etc. before being invited to explore domestic abuse at home. Pupils were encouraged to be open and had opportunity to develop a full and balanced understanding of what were acceptable / usual behaviours and those which were not. Paula and Gemma were able to develop a trusting respectful relationship with our pupils in quite a short period of time and pupils clearly enjoyed the opportunity to develop” r their understanding of domestic abuse and about making the right choices. I feel the children have learnt about topics that are difficult to teach in a child friendly way. They have learnt that we all make our own choices and who to go to if they need help. The children really enjoyed the lessons and the before and after questionnaires are a great way to assess their learning. Making it fun and interactive has been evident throughout all the sessions.”
Year 5 Teacher - March 2013

Queensbridge Primary School

“As a trained RGM RSCN I worked for 15 years on a busy paediatric ward in Bolton. We managed abuse cases. Now working in a primary school. I feel that it is vital once again to gain as much knowledge as we can to protect the children. This Session was excellent.” Thank you.”
Teacher - January 2013

Rivington and Blackrod Secondary School

“I have learnt the real meaning of domestic abuse; the session has taught me to make my own choices.”
Pupil from Year 10 - June 2013

“It has shown me about healthy and unhealthy relationships and has given me awareness about domestic abuse; I would like to learn more.”
Pupil from Year 10 - June 2013

“It has been a good session; I have learnt what an unhealthy and healthy relationship is, and how to it can be applied to my relationship. It was well presented and didn’t get boring.”
Pupil from Year 10 - June 2013

It was good. It was informative but fun and you could have a laugh and a joke around with them.”
Pupil from Year 10 - June 2013

"The sessions that were delivered by Fortalice were excellent and really useful for our students; it gave them knowledge on what a healthy relationship should be like and opened their eyes as to what an abusive relationship could be like. The sessions also gave them the opportunity to express their own opinions which is really important; overall the students loved it and took a lot away from the day. Thank you very much."
Teacher - June 2013

Ladybridge School - March 2013

“I have learned a lot today the actual meaning of domestic abuse and that it is not just physical violence.”
Pupil from Year 10 - March 2013

“That no matter what, you should not let your partner rule you and control you.”
Pupil from Year 10 - March 2013

“That some people can cover up their scars but they still can be hurting on the inside and they can get help.”
Pupil from Year 10 - March 2013

Mount ST Joseph’s Secondary School – January 2013

“I know what domestic abuse means and it can happen to anyone.” “Fortalice can help you if you are in a relationship and getting hurt.” “People can control you without you knowing they don’t have to hit you for it to be abuse.”
Pupil from Year 10 - January 2013

Red Lane Primary School

“I think you are very helpful and kind to people who have problems in relationships and you tell lots of children the right way to be.”
Pupil from Year 5 - May 2013

“You should come back to our school because we really like you!! And you really cheer us up and make me confident. Good bye Gemma and Paula.”
Pupil from Year 5 – May 2013

“The children have taken a lot from the sessions – becoming more aware of healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to get help if required. The sessions were delivered in a sensitive, child friendly way that’s what the children need. Thank you so much!”
Year 5 Teacher - May 2013

“It has made the children reflect on positive relationships and made them aware of the help available. Excellent delivery, really engaging and very beneficial for our children.”
Year 5 Teacher – May 2013