It costs around £750,000 each year to run Fortalice

Our work is recognised and supported in various ways and through many sources; Local Authority grants, donations from local business and individuals, national and local grant making bodies, self-generated income for services and accommodation and from fund raising activities

Core funding leaves an annual shortfall of around £85.000 which is the challenge we have to meet each year. However, with the constant trend of funding cuts and the demand for efficiency savings this challenge is getting much harder.

How much does it cost

An overview of some of the services that bring added value to the core work.

The Freedom Programme £225 per session
Counselling £25  per session
Handicraft Skills £75 per 4 hour session
1-1 support for a child £49 per session
2 hour Play session x 8 children £83 per session
Refurnish a 1 bedroom flat £4000
Refurnish a 2 bedroom flat £5585
Redecorate a 1 bedroom flat £300
Redecorate a 2 bedroom flat £400
You can help in a number of ways
  • Hold a fund raising event to support Fortalice
  • Volunteer some time to help in the refuge or support centre, we have a varied selection of roles available – contact Leanne Labrow for further details  telephone 01204 365677 or email
  • Support us with specialist skills i.e., accountancy, legal advice, media/publicity, training in areas such as health & safety
  • Sponsor an activity or  Support Worker
  • Make a donation (gift aid will increase your donation by 28%)
  • Publicise our service - tell people about the work we do and how we can help
  • Becoming a Patron to help raise the profile of  Fortalice

For more information please contact  or  telephone 01204 365677

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