From indiviudals who attended the services at the Support Centre

(All residents’ initials have been changed to protect their identity)

Feedback from people who attended the Freedom Programme -

Talking to people in a similar situation has built my confidence. At first I found it very challenging, but soon felt less anxious and have pushed myself to join in.  I feel being in a group and listening to others has made me feel less isolated and stupid and made me realise I am not on my own” T.H

“Really good group I didn’t think it would help me but it has in a few ways. I have found it so good coming to the group, and I am feeling a lot more confident. I now feel I have support in this part of my life and know a lot more about domestic abuse”. S.C

“The Freedom Programme helped me to listen to other people’s experiences and the progress they have made”. L.L

Feedback from the Next Steps course as followed on from the Freedom Programme

“I felt lost before I started this course. I know myself better now. I can see and think clearer and have more thought processing time then reacting negatively to unexpected scenarios”. A.J

“It has helped me figure out who I want/ need to be in the future, not plans as such but how to grow into me”. I.R

“The course has helped me by allowing me to see where I went wrong and how it happens and everything I can do to change it to me! Just to deal with things as they arise, not to overthink and worry!”.  G.C

Feedback from individuals who have attended Counselling

“Counselling has helped me understand more positive ways of thinking by being able to express my thoughts and feelings”. J.Y

“The most helpful thing about counselling was being able to find my own way through the mess in my life, step by step”.  K.B

“Absolutely life changing for the better. I am so much stronger, able and confident now”. S.A

“It has stopped me being afraid of my past”. L.H