Young People's Project

At the support centre we can provide advice, support and guidance to young people aged 13 to 19 years old. This is a unique service and that enables the young people of Bolton and surrounding areas to make informed choices.

We are a highly qualified and committed team with a wealth of skills and expertise. We are passionate about the service we deliver. As an organisation we have coordinated the young people’s project for the last nine years. The young people’s project has supported thousands of young people who were in need of our help. Safeguarding the young people of Bolton and surrounding areas is essential for the future of the next generation.

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We will provide
  • One to one advice & support sessions
  • Counselling
  • Group work
  • The Freedom Programme
  • Healthy safe relationships and positive life choices
  • Support for young people needing to access safe accommodation
Our opening times are
  • 9 till 5pm Monday to Wednesday
  • 9 till 7pm Thursday
  • 9 till 2pm Friday
Phone Contact

01204 365677



Email   or


We are here to listen, protect and safeguard young people who are being subjected to any form of abuse. If you are a young person or know someone who needs our support regarding family issues or relationship issues pick up the phone and speak to us in confidence.

The funding for the young people’s project is provided by Bolton Children’s Services and is very much appreciated.

What’s it like in the Young People’s Project
Letters from young people at Fortalice

“My mum brought me to Fort Alice and it helped a lot. It helped me to try and control my anger, which I am still getting the hang of. It helped me to know the difference between bad relationships and good relationships it has been helping me to put the past behind me and carry on with my life and have a good future”.
Letter from a 13 years old girl

“Since I started coming to Fort Alice I have realised how much danger me and my children were in. It has made me more aware about domestic violence and the effects it has on us since I have left my violent partner I feel so much better and more confident in myself. I now know what to look out for when I start a new relationship in the future. I also know I can talk to my worker in confidence about any problems and she will always try to help as much as she can. My children are the most important things in my life and I will do anything to keep them safe and away from violence".
Letter from a young woman, 17 years old